Posted on: July 29, 2008 3:42 pm

Its Just A Mess That I'm Tired About Hearing!

I’m tired, I’m tired of all the rabid Brett Favre fans that clamor for the Packers to release him so that he can sign anywhere to play football in 2008. I don’t understand their position as Packer fans and taking that position.

To make that sort of a demand is either uneducated or undereducated in nature. Why in the world would the powers that be release Brett Favre to then sign with their direct competition in the NFC North Division? Because he has “earned” this right? That sort of thinking is flawed for the following reasons:

  • Brett Favre has made somewhere in the neighborhood of $250,000,000 in his career by playing for the Packers. He has been compensated appropriately for a player of his stature. Brett Favre is under contract to the Green Bay Packers for the 2008, 2009 & 2010 seasons. They hold exclusive rights. We are all aware of the emotional farewell that Brett made last March stating that he could still play physically, but that he could not do all the study or mental preparation to play at 100% commitment. Finally, Brett had made a decision without stringing the Packers along for weeks and months on end. Packers say thank you very much, we’ll retire your #4 the very first game this season, no more fitting an opponent than the Vikings. He showed the Packers no particular loyalty when he annually toyed with the idea of retiring. He isn't owed a thing.


  • The Packers move forward by committing to Aaron Rodgers as their QB for the upcoming season and prepare the playbook accordingly, mini camps and OTAs were all structured around Rodgers as the starter. Never mind all the junk saying, “If Rodgers could handle it, Favre could handle the playbook.” Well, rumor has it that Brett never learned any complete playbook preferring to run selected plays over and over again. Do you suppose that defensive coordinators clued in on that? If they did it would show what a superior athlete Brett was in leading the Packers as well as he did (most of the time) or it would show how inept most defenses were in preventing success against their team. Brett had to be replaced sooner or later. He made a decision to retire and as far as we knew, that was that.


  • The commissioner says, “If you won’t accept him back, then work out a trade.” Who in their right mind is going to compensate the Packers par value when Brett has been screaming for his release? Wait it out…the Packers won’t be able to do anything in the way of a trade so we can pick him up on the cheap. Again, Favre fans want him released so that he can play…anywhere they don’t care just so long as they get to see their “hero” play again. Two words, “salary cap.” Yes, the Packers have room. Yes, they would lose about a third of that cap room too. Ted Thompson is not wild about signing “big name” free agents. But if you look at the majority of those signings I would say that for the Packers only Reggie White really turned out to be beneficial. But, why handicap your team as General Manager by deliberately taking the hit?


  • Who do you want playing QB for the Packers this fall? Who has a better chance of taking the Packers to the Super Bowl? First of all, I’ll say that prior to March of 2008 I wanted Brett Favre to come back for yet another year with the above average chance that he might, I repeat might lead them deep into the playoffs like he did in 2007’s season. But the Brett Favre I saw in the Championship game against the Giants was not quite the Brett Favre I remembered. True the defense was not quite up to the challenge of stopping Plaxico Burress, but remember that the Packers weren’t the only team to lose to the Giants either. Is Brett even today a better QB than Rodgers, quite probably. He is a better option at QB than all but Indianapolis and New England, facts are facts and maybe even in those franchises as well. But again, why pay for a commodity when you can have it for free?

Accusations have flown about whether Ted Thompson lied to Brett about trying to sign Randy Moss, about interviewing Steve Marriucci for the Head Coaching position that went to Mike McCarthy and about resigning Mike Wahle and Marco Rivera. Well, how did Rivera work out for the money the Cowboys threw at him? How did Wahle work out for the money the Panthers threw at him? Rivera has retired, as a Packer I might add and Wahle is now in Seattle. This is strictly “He said, He said.” Childish behavior.

And to be quite honest with you, I grew tired of Brett’s waffling after each season about whether he would return or not. He consistently for the past few years placed the Packers in a vulnerable position with this stance because they could not draft college players knowing for certain what positions had the greatest need. It might have been that they needed to draft a QB but who knew for sure? How can you pursue any free agents when the first question they wanted answered was whether Brett was coming back or not.

Was Brett Favre self centered as a player? To be honest with you I paused to wonder when he kept coming back in the latter “Sherman” era, I wondered if he was coming back for the yardage record, the touchdown record, the longevity record. Would the Packers fared better in some games when Brett’s thumb was broken or when he suffered some other malady? Now we have teams in Tampa and their QB Jeff Garcia talking about whether Brett would fit in there and we have the New York Jets wondering if Chad Pennington will be their QB? The whole matter has become a gigantic cluster and it shows no promise of getting better anytime soon.

I won’t ever know the answer, but I am entitled to my own opinion. Just as you are entitled to your’s. I won’t belittle your opinion, so leave me to mine.

I’m ready for Aaron Rodgers to take the first snap…whether he lasts a full season or not.

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Posted on: July 28, 2008 4:59 pm

The Sad State of College Athletics

Arkansas wide receiver Marques Wade faces a drunken driving charge after authorities said he nearly hit a police officer with his car.

Kentucky quarterback Curtis Pulley has gotten into trouble with the law twice in the last two months, including an arrest for multiple traffic violations.

A former Tulane University football player convicted of attempted manslaughter for his role in a brawl outside a Bourbon Street nightclub was sentenced Friday to 10 years in prison. Tulane suspended Ray Boudreaux Jr., the school's one-time starting running back, following his arrest.

Former Louisville receiver JaJuan Spillman pleaded guilty to drug and weapons charges, but won't have to serve jail time if he stays out of trouble with the law for two years.

Iowa's Board of Regents will meet Tuesday to discuss letters sent by a mother who accused the University of Iowa of mishandling its response to her daughter's allegations of being sexually assaulted by two football players. Abe Satterfield and Cedric Everson, who have left the football team, are accused of sexually assaulting the woman on Oct. 14, 2007, at a campus dorm. Everson has been charged with second-degree sexual assault and Satterfield has been charged with second- and third-degree sexual assault. Both have pleaded not guilty.

Stephen Garcia, 20, and two other Gamecocks, 20-year-old offensive guard Heath Batchelor and 19-year-old walk-on quarterback Zac Brindise, were ticketed early Saturday evening by USC police for underage possession of beer. South Carolina's mischief-prone quarterback is in trouble with the law for the third time since he arrived on campus a little more than a year ago.

Every college town in America can post similar problems with their "student-athletes" and it has been going on for years. Are the infractions these young men committing more serious than they once were or do we simply get more publicity because of the ever widening media circus?

It isn't just the programs striving to get onto the same level as the big boys because Joe Pa and Bobby Bowden have each had their own embarrassing incidents in the past few months. Joe "excused" his players behavior by asking if whether he recruited less aggressive young men whether he would have a successful program. I don't know that this is the proper perspective to have in this matter.

The cold fact of the matter is that there are bad people in all walks of life, good people in all walks of life and sometimes, just sometimes the good people make bad decisions. Football coaches, basketball coaches, players and college administrators.

Posted on: July 7, 2008 5:08 pm

Brett, please stay retired.

Is he or isn’t he? And if he isn’t where does he suit up and how soon?

These are just two of the myriad of questions created by the rampant speculation that Brett Favre doesn’t really want to stay retired. So he said that he just isn’t quite with all the preparation any more. Physically, he feels he could go some more but it is all the preparation that is wearing him down. As far as I can see, Mike McCarthy has/had given the Great One (Gretzky isn’t exclusive) plenty of latitude in the past 3 years as far as skipping OTAs, mini-camps, etc. Brett was/is savvy enough to keep himself in playing shape and there aren’t too many wrinkles that can be thrown his way as far as the West Coast offense is concerned that he can’t handle. My question is, why Brett?

Why did you put yourself, the Packers management, Packer fans, your family and the NFL through the gut wrenching, tear jerking, emotionally draining retirement speech?

My response to this whole melodrama is, revulsion. I posted a reply in a thread that the Packers drafted as if they would go into the 2008 season without Brett Favre as quarterback. If he comes back now he changes the entire dynamic of the team. What might the 2008 draft looked like if he had said straight away that he had every intention of returning? Would they have taken two quarterbacks? Would they have drafted Jordy Nelson after having traded away their first rounder? Was there value in a defensive lineman that they might have taken?

Now, assuming that Brett does come back where is it going to be next year? From a fan perspective and I would have to believe that from Ted Thompson’s too, it would be imperative that he be with a team in the AFC. I think from what I have read that the Pack won’t reactivate him , he may force them to cut him if he has formally requested to be withdrawn from the status he presently he places them in an economic position that may force their hand. Too much salary to trade without concessions being made for a new team to take him on, too much drama to come back to Green Bay (when is he going to pull this the next time?), and if you simply cut him he MAY end up coming back to haunt you.

Brett, you’ve left us twisting in the wind once more.

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Posted on: July 1, 2008 9:55 am

Just a quick diatribe.

Don't you wish that you could screw the pooch the way the IU President Michael McRobbie and the AD Rick Greenspan have and still have that nice golden parachute to float them back to the ground?

 "Greenspan agreed in the deal to not sue the university, which allowed Greenspan to retain the rights “to any book he may wish to write or publish.”

He blew it, big time! He was/is incompetent in the performance of his duties. And for this he gets "rewarded?"

Kelvin Sampson had character issues before he was hired at Oklahoma but he followed in some illustrious footsteps, Billy Tubbs. But I digress…

There was a man walking in the woods bundled up against the cold wintry weather who happened upon a snake. When the snake saw the man he spoke up, “Please, I’m so very cold. Won’t you pick me up and put me inside your nice coat so that I might warm up a bit?” The man quickly responded, “You’re a snake, you’ll warm up and bite me. I’m not picking you up.” The snake reassured him, “I know what you think but I promise that I won’t bite you if you’ll only allow me to warm myself for a while.” The man shook his head no to which the snake pleaded once more, “Please, I’ll surely die if you don’t show me this kindness. Really, I won‘t bite you.” With that the man had a change of heart and placed the snake inside his coat next to his body. “Oh thank you so much, I’m much warmer,” said the snake. After a while the snake warmed and started to wriggle about when all of a sudden the man felt fangs sink deep into his flesh. “Hey! You promised not to bite me, why did you do that to me?” The snake merely replied, “You knew I was a snake when you picked me up.”


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Posted on: June 29, 2008 2:52 pm

The Times They Are a-Changin'

The passing of George Carlin leaves the world just a bit less fun to inhabit than it did a week ago. While I didn't appreciate nor agree with his political commentaries as part of his act in the later years I certainly appreciated his take on the mundane and everyday happenstances that I overlook

"By and large, language is a tool for concealing the truth."  What an illumination this is to me...a truism in whatever country you inhabit.

"Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?" Oh my does this affect me?  Right where I live! I talk to the other drivers all the time. No one is as courteous as me nor as cautious as me.

"If it's true that our species is alone in the universe, then I'd have to say the universe aimed rather low and settled for very little." What a unique insight George possesed. While he struggled with the notion of God or a higher being this is still a damning statement about mankind regardless.

"Not only do I not know what's going on, I wouldn't know what to do about it if I did." I'm with you there George, who in their right mind would really want to be President? You're never right not matter what you do.

"The main reason Santa is so jolly is because he knows where all the bad girls live." How many guys want to make that nightly trip next December?

"When you're born you get a ticket to the freak show. When you're born in America, you get a front row seat."  Take the time to people watch'll laugh yourself silly.

Hope you enjoy the next work week, it will be just a bit more dreary for me.

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Posted on: June 9, 2008 9:45 pm

Eat Drink and be Merry...

Cedric Benson gets cut by the Chicago Bears. “Cedric displayed a pattern of behavior we will not tolerate,” general manager Jerry Angelo said in a statement.

Travis Henry is cut by the Denver Broncos. "He's just too inconsistent as a person. When you're too inconsistent as a person, you usually aren't going to win championships," Shanahan said during a spring workout later in the day.

Marshawn Lynch is being investigated as to his possible involvement in a hit and run accident resulting in the injury of a pedestrian. "We're proceeding on the assumption that Lynch was driving the car," Erie County District Attorney Frank Clark said Friday, a day after he was limited to saying that Lynch was inside the 2008 Porsche SUV when it struck a woman crossing an intersection in downtown Buffalo before speeding off early May 31.

Star athletes (I won't limit this post to just football players) are coddled at every level. In high school their coaches and most importantly their parents tell them how great they are, how wonderful they are and how they are bound for greatness.

They get recruited by Good Ole University all the while being told that they will star in front of crowds of adoring fans while rushing, throwing or receiving record yardage bound to make them a first round draft choice or leave Good Ole U with the basketball scoring record, assist record, rebounding record, etc. In college they get the adulation of the newspaper, radio and television again stroking their ego.

Then they are recruited by agents to represent their interests at the pro level. The agents say, "Jerry Jones and I are on a first name basis, as a matter of fact I have a supper meeting with him to talk about a contract extension for such-and-such and I am going to take Jerry to the cleaners."  The millions obtained by these (mostly mature) men is then handed to a twenty-something who may or not had two nickels to rub together while growing up.

Then there are the fans. We stand and cheer while our heroes score touchdowns, hit home runs, make the winning basket at the buzzer. We reinforce the hero complex. Soon they begin to think that nothing can affect them. They think that they can rape, drink, take drugs, abuse women and nothing will stick to them because they are the "Star" and I deserve to be given a break.

Too often they end up broken down because they "played through the pain" and gave 110% all the while, white OR black they give their possee a free ride through the good times. OH, and their possee is behind them too whispering in their ears that they can and will get away with it. Just as in the process going up where only a few can make it to the "Big Show" there are those few that can make the transition to retirement and life beyond their pro career. The public doesn't hear about those that have gone broke and perhaps living on the streets. Out of sight out of mind, because if I don't have to think about it then I won't feel sorry for them. Maybe Cedric Benson will land on his feet maybe he is out of the NFL and perhaps some CFL team will pick him up (their season is already under way).

It's too bad that few ever consider tomorrow.

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Posted on: June 2, 2008 10:48 am

Dogs are pets, cats are owners.

I've heard for some time that dogs are really man's best friend, and this is absolutely true.

Cats on the other hand view us as their servants...

Don't get me wrong I love both dogs and cats equally, which is an oddity I am told. While it has been some years since I have owned a dog of my own there is nothing like spending a few minutes scratching the neck, shoulders and back of a dog while the dog wags its tail approvingly.

Cats on the other hand expect us to know what they want and to fulfill their need. Take the cats that I am around every day. I just put canned food down for all six of them (yes, six), three got one style of food because they will eat anything. Oh I feed them name brand food...its just that three of them aren't as picky. So, I put the food on the floor for the three gluttons and prepared the other three cats their bowls. They are worse than kids. One cat won't eat if there are any other cats near by. Another (one of two alpha cats) has to be on the counter-top to eat. And a third wanders into the kitchen just to see what the fuss is all about and is really disinterested in the whole proceeding. So, while I man a squirt bottle to hold off the three little pigs so that the finicky eaters can have their fill, I observe that the alpha cat nibbles just enough to satisfy her desire. She is the one that was the driving force for feeding time today. The one that won't eat if another cat is nearby simply turns her nose up at the food and looks at the bowl. This same meal was good enough for her yesterday, but not today obviously. And the third who was simply curious didn't even sniff it.

So, I walked down the hall and went back to my mocha breve.

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Posted on: May 29, 2008 2:40 pm

Speaking Of Gambling

Now we have admissions by Tim Donaghy that he influenced the outcome of some of the games he officiated. Well as Gomer Pyle would say, "Surprise, surprise, surprise." It certainly looks as if Donaghy made his superiors and most of the management team at the NBA look like a bunch of hick goobers (Gomer's cousin, remember?) for the length of time that he was able to manipulate the system. And the weak link in his scheme? Someone else knew about his gambling.

Much is being written and discussed by pundits, fans and even the players themselves about the "non" foul of Brent Barry, the non-travelling call on Kobe (pack my bags please, I'm going on a trip) Bryant and well, take your pick of your favorite slash, hack, travel, three second violation (is that even in the officiating handbook for the NBA?).

Back even when I was much more naive, the thought crossed my mind whether games, any game was fixed. Now, much to my consternation I am finding out that yes...the outcome may indeed be "pre-determined" based on demographics. Who wants to watch a Fiesta Bowl pitting the Podunk Polecats versus the Nowhere Ninnies? All the network execs know...ratings would be down, revenues would be down because ad rates would be down. To what extent is sports soiled? Is Pro Wrestling a sport or entertainment, is it rigged? Was "The Miracle On Ice" all that much a miracle or was it contrived to boost interest in the Olympics? I hate to be cynical but...what have David Stern, Bud Selig or Roger Goodall done to dissuade me?

What is to come next in the name of Nielson Ratings, the Running Man?

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