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Posted on: July 28, 2008 4:59 pm

The Sad State of College Athletics

Arkansas wide receiver Marques Wade faces a drunken driving charge after authorities said he nearly hit a police officer with his car.

Kentucky quarterback Curtis Pulley has gotten into trouble with the law twice in the last two months, including an arrest for multiple traffic violations.

A former Tulane University football player convicted of attempted manslaughter for his role in a brawl outside a Bourbon Street nightclub was sentenced Friday to 10 years in prison. Tulane suspended Ray Boudreaux Jr., the school's one-time starting running back, following his arrest.

Former Louisville receiver JaJuan Spillman pleaded guilty to drug and weapons charges, but won't have to serve jail time if he stays out of trouble with the law for two years.

Iowa's Board of Regents will meet Tuesday to discuss letters sent by a mother who accused the University of Iowa of mishandling its response to her daughter's allegations of being sexually assaulted by two football players. Abe Satterfield and Cedric Everson, who have left the football team, are accused of sexually assaulting the woman on Oct. 14, 2007, at a campus dorm. Everson has been charged with second-degree sexual assault and Satterfield has been charged with second- and third-degree sexual assault. Both have pleaded not guilty.

Stephen Garcia, 20, and two other Gamecocks, 20-year-old offensive guard Heath Batchelor and 19-year-old walk-on quarterback Zac Brindise, were ticketed early Saturday evening by USC police for underage possession of beer. South Carolina's mischief-prone quarterback is in trouble with the law for the third time since he arrived on campus a little more than a year ago.

Every college town in America can post similar problems with their "student-athletes" and it has been going on for years. Are the infractions these young men committing more serious than they once were or do we simply get more publicity because of the ever widening media circus?

It isn't just the programs striving to get onto the same level as the big boys because Joe Pa and Bobby Bowden have each had their own embarrassing incidents in the past few months. Joe "excused" his players behavior by asking if whether he recruited less aggressive young men whether he would have a successful program. I don't know that this is the proper perspective to have in this matter.

The cold fact of the matter is that there are bad people in all walks of life, good people in all walks of life and sometimes, just sometimes the good people make bad decisions. Football coaches, basketball coaches, players and college administrators.

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