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Posted on: July 7, 2008 5:08 pm

Brett, please stay retired.

Is he or isn’t he? And if he isn’t where does he suit up and how soon?

These are just two of the myriad of questions created by the rampant speculation that Brett Favre doesn’t really want to stay retired. So he said that he just isn’t quite with all the preparation any more. Physically, he feels he could go some more but it is all the preparation that is wearing him down. As far as I can see, Mike McCarthy has/had given the Great One (Gretzky isn’t exclusive) plenty of latitude in the past 3 years as far as skipping OTAs, mini-camps, etc. Brett was/is savvy enough to keep himself in playing shape and there aren’t too many wrinkles that can be thrown his way as far as the West Coast offense is concerned that he can’t handle. My question is, why Brett?

Why did you put yourself, the Packers management, Packer fans, your family and the NFL through the gut wrenching, tear jerking, emotionally draining retirement speech?

My response to this whole melodrama is, revulsion. I posted a reply in a thread that the Packers drafted as if they would go into the 2008 season without Brett Favre as quarterback. If he comes back now he changes the entire dynamic of the team. What might the 2008 draft looked like if he had said straight away that he had every intention of returning? Would they have taken two quarterbacks? Would they have drafted Jordy Nelson after having traded away their first rounder? Was there value in a defensive lineman that they might have taken?

Now, assuming that Brett does come back where is it going to be next year? From a fan perspective and I would have to believe that from Ted Thompson’s too, it would be imperative that he be with a team in the AFC. I think from what I have read that the Pack won’t reactivate him , he may force them to cut him if he has formally requested to be withdrawn from the status he presently he places them in an economic position that may force their hand. Too much salary to trade without concessions being made for a new team to take him on, too much drama to come back to Green Bay (when is he going to pull this the next time?), and if you simply cut him he MAY end up coming back to haunt you.

Brett, you’ve left us twisting in the wind once more.

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