Posted on: July 1, 2008 9:55 am

Just a quick diatribe.

Don't you wish that you could screw the pooch the way the IU President Michael McRobbie and the AD Rick Greenspan have and still have that nice golden parachute to float them back to the ground?

 "Greenspan agreed in the deal to not sue the university, which allowed Greenspan to retain the rights “to any book he may wish to write or publish.”

He blew it, big time! He was/is incompetent in the performance of his duties. And for this he gets "rewarded?"

Kelvin Sampson had character issues before he was hired at Oklahoma but he followed in some illustrious footsteps, Billy Tubbs. But I digress…

There was a man walking in the woods bundled up against the cold wintry weather who happened upon a snake. When the snake saw the man he spoke up, “Please, I’m so very cold. Won’t you pick me up and put me inside your nice coat so that I might warm up a bit?” The man quickly responded, “You’re a snake, you’ll warm up and bite me. I’m not picking you up.” The snake reassured him, “I know what you think but I promise that I won’t bite you if you’ll only allow me to warm myself for a while.” The man shook his head no to which the snake pleaded once more, “Please, I’ll surely die if you don’t show me this kindness. Really, I won‘t bite you.” With that the man had a change of heart and placed the snake inside his coat next to his body. “Oh thank you so much, I’m much warmer,” said the snake. After a while the snake warmed and started to wriggle about when all of a sudden the man felt fangs sink deep into his flesh. “Hey! You promised not to bite me, why did you do that to me?” The snake merely replied, “You knew I was a snake when you picked me up.”


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