Posted on: June 9, 2008 9:45 pm

Eat Drink and be Merry...

Cedric Benson gets cut by the Chicago Bears. “Cedric displayed a pattern of behavior we will not tolerate,” general manager Jerry Angelo said in a statement.

Travis Henry is cut by the Denver Broncos. "He's just too inconsistent as a person. When you're too inconsistent as a person, you usually aren't going to win championships," Shanahan said during a spring workout later in the day.

Marshawn Lynch is being investigated as to his possible involvement in a hit and run accident resulting in the injury of a pedestrian. "We're proceeding on the assumption that Lynch was driving the car," Erie County District Attorney Frank Clark said Friday, a day after he was limited to saying that Lynch was inside the 2008 Porsche SUV when it struck a woman crossing an intersection in downtown Buffalo before speeding off early May 31.

Star athletes (I won't limit this post to just football players) are coddled at every level. In high school their coaches and most importantly their parents tell them how great they are, how wonderful they are and how they are bound for greatness.

They get recruited by Good Ole University all the while being told that they will star in front of crowds of adoring fans while rushing, throwing or receiving record yardage bound to make them a first round draft choice or leave Good Ole U with the basketball scoring record, assist record, rebounding record, etc. In college they get the adulation of the newspaper, radio and television again stroking their ego.

Then they are recruited by agents to represent their interests at the pro level. The agents say, "Jerry Jones and I are on a first name basis, as a matter of fact I have a supper meeting with him to talk about a contract extension for such-and-such and I am going to take Jerry to the cleaners."  The millions obtained by these (mostly mature) men is then handed to a twenty-something who may or not had two nickels to rub together while growing up.

Then there are the fans. We stand and cheer while our heroes score touchdowns, hit home runs, make the winning basket at the buzzer. We reinforce the hero complex. Soon they begin to think that nothing can affect them. They think that they can rape, drink, take drugs, abuse women and nothing will stick to them because they are the "Star" and I deserve to be given a break.

Too often they end up broken down because they "played through the pain" and gave 110% all the while, white OR black they give their possee a free ride through the good times. OH, and their possee is behind them too whispering in their ears that they can and will get away with it. Just as in the process going up where only a few can make it to the "Big Show" there are those few that can make the transition to retirement and life beyond their pro career. The public doesn't hear about those that have gone broke and perhaps living on the streets. Out of sight out of mind, because if I don't have to think about it then I won't feel sorry for them. Maybe Cedric Benson will land on his feet maybe he is out of the NFL and perhaps some CFL team will pick him up (their season is already under way).

It's too bad that few ever consider tomorrow.

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