Posted on: May 29, 2008 2:22 pm

So, Pete Bet On The Games He Managed...

This is my first attempt at a blog so be kind to me. I've posted on threads and basically issued "mini" blogs, so what the hey.

Pete Rose has now come forth and said not only did he bet on the games he managed for the Cincinnati Reds but that he bet $1000 per game, no wait, it was $2000 per game that he wagered. Well, which is it Pete? And since you initially denied ever betting on baseball let alone on the Reds (over a fifteen year time frame) to confessing in stages that you did bet on MLB, then admitting that you bet on the Reds games every night (but never to lose, yeah right), next you admitted to betting 1k and now 2k per game. Where does it end? How much did you really bet and in what fashion? Come clean Roger, er I mean Pete!

I watched and admired "Charlie Hustle" for his take no prisoners approach to the game, All-Star (sorry Ray Fosse) or World Series he played all out. I admired how Pete was moved from one position in the outfield to another to second base, then third and lastly to first base he excelled at each. He was the most storied hitter since Ty Cobb who was himself somewhat of a pariah.

I don't know Pete personally, at this point in my life I won't say that I'd care to meet him. Pay for his autograph? I wouldn't give 25 cents for it, what would I get? The signature of a man who was at the top of his game, yet gave it all away because he thought that he was bullet proof. Thank God he wasn't accused of taking steroids.

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